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Tax Allowances & Incentives

If we tell you that there are many tax allowances and tax incentives in the market can help you to reduce your income tax payable or even exempt you from paying tax (tax free), isn’t it a good new for you?

We have assisted many of our clients applied for tax allowances and incentive, they have enjoyed ‘tax holiday’ (free tax period) and some of them even save nearly to RM 1 million of tax payable.

We have more than 15 years of experience on application of the tax incentive. Our expertise, not only help you to fill in the application form, but also to review your company condition and provide appropriate advice to enhance the chances of gettng such allowances or incentives.

Come and join our clients whom have enjoyed the tax incentives. Let’s talk now.

Tax Incentive Available Including
  • Pioneer Status incentive (PS)
  • Investment Tax Allowances (ITA)
  • Reinvestment Allowances (RA)
  • Promotion of Exports Allowances (PEA)
  • Research & development Allowances (R&D)
  • Allowance for Increased Export
  • Tax Free for Biotechnology Industry
  • Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEI)
  • Tax Free for Pre-School Education/ Kindergarten
  • Multimedia Super Corridor (MNC Status)
  • Green Incentives
  • International Trading Company
  • Integrated Logistics Services (ILS)
  • And Many More….
What You Can Expect From Us
  • Step by step guide by our Licensed Tax Agent through out the whole process
  • Advice on company’s compliance issue by our Chartered Accountant during initial planning, implementation and completion stages
  • Personalise services, listening your questions and explain to you by our qualified personnel
  • Assist in compilation of the information needed for the application
  • Assist in completing the application form
  • Assist in liaise with the relevant Authorities in regards of their queries
  • Assist in on-going monitor after sucessful for the application, identify the non-compliance areas as soon as applicable