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Company Secretary

In Singapore, more than 50% company directors do not know or not clear about their responsibility required by The Company Act 2016 (“The Act”).

In fact, all company in Singapore is compulsory to compliance with “The Act”, failure to do so would cause huge amounts of penalty or even imprisonment.

Our experience Licensed Company Secretary has in depth experience and knowledge to monitor the compliances matter for you so to make sure you and your company can always complied with “The Act”.

Our speedy secretary process could also let you have the statutory documents you need within the same day or next working day so to make sure we would never delay your business process.

Our Secretary Services
  • Company incorporation for Singapore and Malaysia
  • New company name search
  • Malaysia and Singapore company information search
  • Preparation of Statutory Forms, Meeting Resolutions and Annual General Meetings (AGM)
  • Submission of certain meeting documents to Authority (SSM) so to comply with “The Act”
  • Preparation and Submission of Annual Returns to the Authority (SSM)
  • Submission of audited/unaudited financial statements to the Authority (SSM)
  • Preparation and submission of Statutory documents for calculation of stamp duty for transfer of shares
  • Striking-off (Closing down) of Company
  • Safe Custody and update your company Statutory Records (Secretary File)
What you can expect from us
  • Step by step guide by our Licensed Company Secretary
  • Advice on company’s compliance issue by our Licensed Company Secretary
  • Personalise services, listening your questions and resolve them by our qualified personnel
  • Chartered Accountant acting as Company Secretary in your company
  • Annual return filling dateline reminder alert
  • Statutory documents filling dateline reminder alert
  • Audited/unaudited financial statements filling dateline reminder alert
  • Use our address as your company registered address in Authority (SSM) record
  • Up to date Statutory Records (Secretary File)
  • Speedy directors/shareholders’ signature process for statutory and meeting documents