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Accounting & GST

Difficult to find a good full-time account staff? Worry Royal Malaysian Customs Department (“Customs”) checking on GST compliance issue of your Company? Not sure whether your documents is sufficient for GST and Income Tax compliance check?

Many of our clients do experience the same problems and they have no problems after engage our Chartered Accountants recognised by MIA and Licensed GST Advisor recognised by Ministry of Finance and Custom to take care of their accounting and GST reporting.

Our Accounting Services
  • Set-up your Computerized Accounting System for your company
  • Preparation of full set of accounts to comply with Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (MPERS) requirements
  • Maintenance of General Ledger, account payable and account receivables
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Preparing aging report and statement of account for your customers
  • Preparation of management reports, ratio analysis and accounting schedules
  • Preparation of cash-flow statements, budgeting statements, financial plans and forecasts.
  • Preparation of group consolidated financial statements
  • Review of accounting records to detect error or omission
  • Back-end support services
Our GST Services
  • GST registration advice and application
  • Set-up your Computerized GST System for your company
  • Preparation and submission of GST reporting to Custom (monthly or quarterly)
  • Liase with Customs for their enquiry for your company’s GST issues
  • Application on GST refund
  • GST registration on transfer of business as a going concern
  • GST registration on relief for second-hand goods (margin scheme)
  • GST registration on special schemes (ATS, ATMS, AJS, Warehouse Scheme, FRS and TRS)
What you can expect from us
  • Step by step guide by our Chartered Accountant and Licensed GST advisor
  • Advice on documents filing system, internal control weaknesses and GST compliance matters by our Chartered Accountant and Licensed GST advisor
  • Advise on dealing with Custom officer and application for GST refund by our licensed GST advisor
  • Personalise services, listening your questions and resolve them by our qualified personnel
  • GST quarterly / monthly report
  • GST filling dateline reminder alert
  • Free set-up of chart of accounts by our qualified Chartered Accountants
  • Income statements and balance sheet of your company
  • Analysis of the significant items in income statement and balance sheet
  • Full set of Ledger, Debtors and creditors aging analysis
  • Bank reconciliation statement