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We have the resources and expertise, not only to provide timely and accurate bookkeeping services for compliance purposes, but also to provide professional explanation on the company’s performance based on the financial statements.

We also provide free advisory services pertaining to the documents filing system, internal control issues and tax compliance matters. This is to ensure the accounting documents are kept accordance with the requirement relevant authority’s and the Company Act. Therefore, you can have an in-depth understanding of your company’s financial position for your better decision making and concentrate on the core business and growing the company without worry of the accounting and control problems.

  • 电算化会计系统的建立与实施
  • 簿记服务(每月,每季度,每半年或每年)
  • 合并财务报表的计算和年度报告的编制
  • 编制管理报告和会计时间表
  • 银行与其他账户的对账
  • 为企业,管理公司,俱乐部和协会准备财务报表
  • 编制现金流量表,预算,财务计划和预测
  • 审查公司会计人员和后端支持服务所做的会计记录
  • 适合贵公司运营的会计表
  • 分析损益表和资产负债表中的重要项目
  • 预算表,损益表和资产负债表
  • 全套分类账,债务人和债权人分析
  • 帐物和银行账单中显示的金额之间的银行对帐
  • 免费提供有关文件归档和准备系统,内部控制问题和税务合规事宜的咨询
  • 关于服务税登记和合规事宜的免费咨询
  • 服务税和薪资报告服务的特别折扣率