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我们还提供有关文件归档系统,内部控制问题和税务合规事宜的免费咨询服务。 这是为了确保会计凭证符合相关主管部门和公司法的要求。 因此,您可以深入了解公司的财务状况,以便更好地制定决策,专注于核心业务并发展公司,而无需担心会计和控制问题。

Our accounting services including
  • Setting Up and implementation of Computerized Accounting System
  • Bookkeeping services (monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis)
  • Compute of consolidated financial statements and preparation of annual report
  • Preparation of management reports and accounting schedules
  • Reconciliation of bank and others accounts
  • Preparation of financial statements for businesses, management corporations, clubs and associations
  • Preparation of cash-flow statements, budgets, financial plans and forecasts.
  • Review of accounting records done by the company’s accounting staff & back-end support services
You entitle the following benefits and documents
  • The chart of accounts which suit for your company’s operation
  • Trial balances, income statements and balance sheet
  • Analysis of the significant items in income statement and balance sheet
  • Full set of Ledger, Debtors and creditors aging analysis
  • Bank reconciliation between the amount shown in ledger and bank statement
  • Free advisory on documents filing and preparation system, internal control issues and tax compliance matters
  • Free advisory on Services Tax registration and compliance matter
  • Special discounted rate for Services Tax and Payroll reporting services